The Surface Chronicles- Part 2

Hello All!

Don’t you wish life would slow down a little? Things have been down right crazy at TEAM ITS and the blog has taken a hit for it. When I started the Surface Chronicles, I had every intention of a weekly series until it was finished. Life happens. At our office, things are really happening and we are excited to be moving into our own new building in Mattoon (1808 Rudy Avenue, if you are in the area). Look for many pictures coming soon! We are growing and that’s a good thing, Anyway, topic of the day: the Surface Pen.

To say I am in love would be an understatement. I just returned from a conference where I was able to take notes, on my surface during presentations and they automatically transferred to text. and the best part? Never once did my surface not recognize the letters of my writing. It was simply amazing. The only downfall was the lady sitting next to me was so excited about what my Surface could do, I’m not sure she heard the speaker. She kept watching me, lol.

My surface reacts so quickly to changing the script to text, I almost couldn’t catch it doing it. And in this picture, you see an individual letter, if you are a cursive writer, it works just as well. I am one of those people that are a strange mix of both and my Surface never misses a beat.

On top of writing, the bells and whistles do some amazing feats too. You can click the top of the pen and it will open your favorite word processing app, I have my set to One Note because that’s where I take my notes at, you can open sticky notes, notepad, and even Word.

And THEN, you can right click by just pressing and holding the side button and then tap on what you wanted to right click on, viola! You have your menu. The chart below is straight from Microsoft who has great tutorials. My pen makes the mouse a little outdated, I know love is a strong word, but yeah, I am in love.

Until next time,