The Surface Chronicles- Part 1

Hey all, sorry for the long silence, life has been busy to say the least. I’m sure most people reading this understand that all too well.

I just received a brand new Surface Pro with all the bells and whistles, the keyboard, mouse, and get this- even a dock!. I decided since I have a lot of learning to do, I would share my experiences here. Hopefully we can learn lots of cool things about our Surface Pros together!

I’ve already learned that I am in love with the pen, and I have both of my monitors hooked up to my dock so I am starting my first full day of using my Surface as my workstation.

The first thing I am going to share is regarding the dock. When I started wanting a Surface, I was interested in the fact that I could take it with me easily, as in fit in my binder easy. When Mike mentioned to me that I could use it as my workstation, I was hesitant but willing to give it a try. When I saw the size of the dock, I was a little in awe.

This dock has two high-def video ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, and FOUR USB 3.0 ports plus an audio output. all in a 2″ x 5″ rectangle, talk about a space saver. I have a Bluetooth mouse that will stay in my go bag, but I have my wireless keyboard and mouse that I am used to plugged in here and it worked perfectly.

So, check back often as I share my new experiences, and if in the meantime you find yourself wanting a new Surface Pro, call TEAM ITS, LLC, your local Microsoft Surface Authorized Dealer.