Our Kid at Christmas

This blog is totally unauthorized and maybe a bit *insert gasp* unprofessional but I couldn’t help it. Read quick because I may be told to take it down. I want to share with you a little behind the scenes at TEAM ITS. I put a blog up a couple weeks ago about myself being a problem solver. One of the reasons I work so well with our president, Mike Miller,  is that he too, is a problem solver. When he gets a hold of something he knows can help people he gets like a kid at Christmas. Not being able to wait until Christmas morning to open those presents. That has been our Mr Miller for the last couple of weeks.

I got an email a week ago last Thursday letting me know that he thought we was very close to becoming an Authorized Quickbooks Reseller and explaining that with that, he would be able to offer a much better product experience than someone buying Quickbooks off the shelf. Well, HELLO!!! My husband owns a business and as his bookkeeper, I went to Quickbooks online. After a few months, I took a class and was very disappointed. There are so many sides to Quickbooks and I had to learn bunches of stuff in this class that I will never use (let me just tell you, personally, if he ever hires someone to help him, he is hiring a payroll clerk first, just sayin’) Anyway, I still feel very inept at Quickbooks, and because I am paying the online version, I am spending way more money than I need to. Guess whose name is on his list? I’m getting in on this! 

So yes, I was excited, but it couldn’t hold a candle to Mike’s excitement. On Friday the 7th of December, it became official. And his ideas started rolling. I am going to tell you, Quickbooks had him hook line and sinker, because how do they market the reseller program? With this little beauty:

Ah yes, let’s put Solution Provider in the name: Code Name PROBLEM SOLVER!! So, it didn’t take long for Mike to send me an email with the little icon under his signature, but about 20 minutes later, I get another email, two words: “too much?” and why? because this is what he added:

I said, “Well, it definitely gets your attention”. So, we are embarking on a whole new line of products as well are now Authorized Quickbooks Resellers. We can help you pick the right products and show you how they can be a perfect fit for your business. And once it is done, Mike can be happy knowing that he has made a difference in your daily work.

I know a lot of IT people, I know a lot of IT people who make sure the technology works. I know very few IT people that really have that deep down need to know that they have made your life better. So many times, the IT person is the first one that gets roughed up in people’s minds when things aren’t going right (at my full time job as IT Coordinator, I have even been blamed for a key breaking off in an office door). But when you give someone that has the deep down need to help people the tools to do so, it is a win-win for everyone. So, hopefully I get to keep this slightly personal glimpse of Mike up on the blog.  But just in case I don’t, just remember it was here when you see the all official, “We are now Authrorized Quickbooks Resellers” and that Mike is basically living to not only sell you the right Quickbooks solution for your needs but to help Quickbooks make your life better.