Let them know you are away

Mindy here. Pet peeve time. Monday-Friday, from 8 until at least 4, there are certain people that I expect answers from when I send an e-mail. I am not begrudging anyone time off but I have to tell you, the people who take the time to have an auto-reply saying I am out of the office are my favorites. I am a planner, and if I know someone is going to be gone a week, I know that I can also set that aside for a week, instead of keeping it on my desk in case they email me back. 

So, here are the handy steps to setting an out-of-the-office message using Office 2016. Happy Monday! 

Go to File, and you will see Automatic Replies, Click on it and fill in the blanks. As you can see, you can set for both inside your organization and outside. I set both but depending on what is going on, I may leave two separate messages, Outside the organization, I tell them someone they can contact instead of me. Inside, I tell them how to get a hold of me, or when a good time to get a hold of me is if they absolutely need to talk to me. 

Set an automatic reply when you're out of the office.